Program Committee

Authorization and Accountability

The Program Committee is mandated by the NASW Bylaws [Amended 2005], Article IX


The Program Committee reviews, approves and evaluates the ongoing program of the Association with attention to program integration and coordination among leadership units. It is responsible for recommending the annual program plan to the Board of Directors.

Time Frame

The Program Committee shall be an ongoing Bylaws mandated committee.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The committee shall be comprised of six members: the Vice President of the Board of Directors serves as chair, one member who is a regional representative serving on the Board of Directors, a chapter executive director, and three at-large members appointed by the President. The terms of the non-Board members shall be staggered three year terms. The Board of Directors has mandated that an NASW member whose highest degree is a baccalaureate in social work be appointed to the Program Committee.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Review and recommend to the Board of Directors an annual program plan to accomplish the priorities determined by the Delegate Assembly.
  2. Review annual program performance.
  3. Prepare and review proposed program priorities for consideration at the Delegate Assembly.
  4. Facilitate the integration of program activities between the national office and chapters.
  5. Consider and recommend to the Board of Directors an annual program plan for the national office.

Questions about the Program Committee?

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