Social Work Editorial Board

Authorization and Accountability

The editorial board of Social Work, the official journal of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW,) has been in existence since December 17, 1955. The Social Work Editorial Board reports to the Board of Directors.


Editorial boards and committees retain final authority for the content and selection of manuscripts. The Social Work Editorial Board promotes the submission of manuscripts to the journal. They develop and recommend changes in editorial and publications policy.

Time Frame

The editorial board continues as long as the journal is in existence.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The editorial board of Social Work is composed of eight members: the Chair (editor-in-chief) and seven members. The Chair serves a four-year term beginning January 1 of the year following the appointment and ending December 31 four years later. Members of the editorial board are appointed to staggered three-year terms. Members of the Social Work Editorial Board must have extensive publishing experience, as well as experience in peer review. The Social Work Editorial Board members hold a telephone conference call once each year.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Encourage authors whose work improves the practice and extends knowledge in social work and social welfare to submit articles to the journal.
  2. Promote the journal among colleagues and students.
  3. Analyze trends and needs within the profession and seek out article submissions to meet these needs.
  4. Read and rate manuscript submissions.

Social Work is the premier journal of the social work profession. Widely read by practitioners, faculty, and students, it is the official journal of NASW and is provided to all members as a membership benefit.

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