Specialty Practice Section Committees

Authorization and Accountability

The Specialty Practice Section Committee is authorized and accountable to the NASW Board of Directors.


The Specialty Practice Section Committee is charged with providing content expertise for a national program to inform members about current trends in social work practice and linkages to policy issues impacting service delivery.

Time Frame

The Specialty Practice Section Committee operates under rules established by the Board of Directors for the NASW Specialty Practice Section Program.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The Specialty Practice Section Committee is comprised of five members appointed by the President for staggered terms of two years.  The President shall appoint three members who will serve as alternates to fill vacancies or serve in the absence of regular members.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Generate timely and pertinent information for Section products and programs
  2. Serve as content experts for practice standards, project development, continuing education and media commentaries
  3. Serve as a resource for policy issues such as legislative testimony and regulatory comments
  4. Identify and link member practice experts to association as potential leaders
  5. Foster networking among members and with allied groups

Specialty Practice Section Committees include: Administration & Supervision; Aging; Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs; Child Welfare; Children, Adolescents, & Young Adults; Health; Mental Health; Private Practice; School Social Work; Social and Economic Justice & Peace; and Social Workers and the Courts.

Specialty Practice Sections

NASW Specialty Practice Sections (SPS) enable members to stay abreast of what is happening in the profession and to be most effective in doing their job. Specialty Practice Sections offer the opportunity for professional development through practice-specific teleconferences, free continuing education credits and more.

Sections are:

  • Administration & Supervision
  • Aging
  • Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs
  • Child Welfare
  • Children, Adolescents & Young Adults
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Private Practice
  • School Social Work
  • Social & Economic Justice and Peace
  • Social Work & the Courts

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Questions about the SPS Committees?

Contact Yvette Mulkey at ymulkey.nasw@socialworkers.org