Social Work Federal Requirements

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

  • 38 USC Sec. 7402
  • Social Worker. - To be eligible to be appointed to a social worker position, a person must -
    1. hold a master's degree in social work from a college or university approved by the Secretary; and
    2. be licensed or certified to independently practice social work in a State, except that the Secretary may waive the requirement of licensure or certification for an individual social worker for a reasonable period of time recommended by the Under Secretary for Health.

U.S. Code: Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of Health and Human Services (Indian Health Services)

  • 25 USC Sec. 1621h
  • Social Worker- "in the case of a person employed as a social worker, be licensed as a social worker or working under the direct supervision of a licensed social worker."

Code: Department of HHS

Government Organization and Employees; Insurance and Annuities

  • 5 USC Sec. 8901
  • Qualified clinical social worker means an individual-
    1. who is licensed or certified as a clinical social worker by the State in which such individual practices; and
    2. who, if such State does not provide for the licensing or certification of clinical social workers-
      1. is certified by a national professional organization offering certification of clinical social workers; or
      2. meets equivalent requirements (as prescribed by the Office).

Code: Government Organization and Employees

Education; Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Programs

  • 20 USC Sec. 7245
  • The term "school social worker" means an individual who-
    1. holds a master's degree in social work from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education; and
      1. is licensed or certified by the State in which services are provided; or
      2. in the absence of such State licensure or certification, possesses a national credential or certification as a school social work specialist granted by an independent professional organization.

Code: Elementary and Secondary School Counseling

Requirements for Nursing Facilities

  • 42 USC Sec. 1396r
  • ...the term "licensed health professional" means and physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physical, speech, or occupational therapy assistant, registered professional nurse, licensed practical nurse, or licensed or certified social worker.
  • Required Social Services
    • In the case of a nursing facility with more than 120 beds, the facility must have at least one social worker (with at least a bachelor's degree in social work or similar professional qualifications) employed full-time to provide or assure the provision of social services.

U.S. Code: Nursing Facilities

Projects to improve maternal, infant and child health

  • 42 USC Sec. 280c-6
  • Case management model
    • Home visiting services provided under this section shall be delivered according to a case management model, and a registered nurse, licensed social worker, or other licensed health care professional with experience and expertise in providing health and related social services in home and community settings shall be assigned as the case manager for individual cases under such model.

U.S. Code: Maternal, Infant, and Child Health