Apply to the NASW CE Approval Program

NOTE: Providers that filed for approval of a live event and are considering switching to a virtual event due to COVID-19 concerns can contact the CE approval program at to discuss options.

Organizations that offer continuing education programs relevant to social workers may submit an application to the NASW CE Approval Program.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Certificate Programs 
  • Conferences 
  • Distance Learning Courses 
  • Home Study Programs 
  • In-Service Trainings
  • Multiple-Format Programs
  • Podcasts
  • Symposia
  • Teleconferences
  • Webinars
  • Workshops

The NASW CE Approval Program will commence processing all applications upon receipt of payment. Applications are considered completed once the reviewer receives a completed file with all the required documentation. All applications must be determined as completed prior to review.

Provider Application Checklist

  • Payment (first-time providers, include additional one-time application fee plus program or conference fee)
  • NASW CE Approval Application
  • Program content (i.e. PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, CDs/DVDs, etc.)
    • For programs with written materials 1 CEU = 10,000 words and references must be current within the last 10 years. In cases of particularly complex topics, NASW reserves the right to evaluate whether a lower word count can suffice.
  • Marketing materials: brochures, programs, conference packages, website, email, and/or publications sent to participants
  • Program agenda with time frames
  • Learning objectives; conference providers may use overall conference objectives.
  • Organizational chart
  • Program evaluation form (must reflect learning objectives on form)
  • Speaker(s) biographical summary
  • Sample participant certificate

In addition, distance-learning providers should also include:

  • Post-test with passing score of 80% or greater. Minimum requirement of ten multiple choice questions per credit hour with no more than 10% true/false questions. Five multiple choice test questions are required for each additional credit hour after the first credit hour. For programs that request additional ½ hours, such as 1.5 CEs requested, a minimum of 5 multiple choice questions also are required. All post-tests should include no more than 10 % true/false questions of the entire amount of questions.
  • Course materials: home-study materials, CD-ROM, or direct access to the provider's course content online

To avoid delays in processing, use the checklist to ensure that all requirements are met. Please review all completed applications to ensure that the following items are contained in each submission. Applications (new and renewal) with the required documentation are requested no later than six weeks prior to the scheduled event date.

  • NASW CE Application
  • NASW CE Payment Form

NASW encourages electronic methods for communication to

Submit one application per program/conference/distance learning title. For programs with multiple formats, one application with the various formats is acceptable. Note on the application each requested format. Changes in NASW CE approved program title are not permitted and must be submitted as a new program.

Use "This activity is pending approval from the National Association of Social Workers" on your marketing materials until approval notification is received.

Application Materials

Download the following PDF forms:

Contact the NASW CE Approval Program

If you have questions about the NASW CE Approval Program, call 202-336-8295 or e-mail