Apply to the NASW CE Approval Program

Please note the following changes to the NASW CE Approval Program:

  • A revised renewal application form was added in 2022. Please make sure that you are using the most recent renewal form. We no longer accept the old renewal form.
  • A revised payment form was added in 2021. Please make sure that you are using the most recent payment form on all applications. We no longer accept the old payment form.
  • We no longer accept applications and summary evaluations in the mail. All applications and summary evaluations must be submitted electronically via email.
  • We no longer accept payments by check. We only accept payments via credit card.

Organizations that want to offer continuing education programs for professional social workers must apply electronically via email to the NASW CE Approval Program for review and consideration. Program types include but are not limited to workshops, conferences, and internet-based distance-learning education.

Applications must be complete before they are considered for review, including payment. Applications are considered completed once the CE Approval Team receives an email with all the required documentation for a complete application. The NASW CE Approval Program does not accept links to program materials as an acceptable form of submission. All application documents must be submitted as attachments via email.

Completed applications must be submitted no later than 30 business days prior to the program start date.

All completed applications must be submitted via email to Please refer to the checklist below to ensure that your application is complete when you submit it to NASW. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Provider Application Checklist

  • Payment (first-time providers should also include the one-time application fee)
  • NASW CE Application Form
  • Program Information Form (Section C)
    • Total number of requested CEs must be on the whole or half hour. At a minimum program must request 1 CE.
  • Program Agenda/detailed outline.
    • The agenda must show the start and stop time of each activity and show how you are allocating the requested CEs. The total number of CEs allocated in your agenda must match the number of CEs you are requesting on your C. Program Information form.
  • Learning Objectives
    • Programs must have a minimum of 3 learning objectives.
    • For Conferences and Symposiums there must be 3 overall learning objectives in addition to session learning objectives.
  • Marketing materials: brochures, programs, conference packages, website, email, and/or promotional materials.
    • Links to marketing/promotional materials are not accepted
    • Use "This activity is pending approval from the National Association of Social Workers" on your marketing materials until approval notification is received by NASW.
  • Speaker(s) Resumes
    • If a program has 4 or less speakers, please submit an individual resume for each speaker. Do not combine resumes into a single document. If a program has 5 or more presenters, you must use our multiple presenter form.
  • Sample participant certificate
    • Refer to NASW’s certificate template to ensure that your sample certificate has all the required elements.
  • Program/participant evaluation form
    • The program evaluation form must include at least one question that measures the stated learning objectives for your program.
  • Organizational chart

In addition, distance-learning providers must also include:

  • Program content (i.e., PowerPoint, presentations, videos, written content (articles))
    • For programs with written materials 1 CEU = 10,000 words and references must be current within the last 10 years. In cases of particularly complex topics, NASW reserves the right to evaluate whether a lower word count can suffice.
    • Links are not accepted; program materials must be submitted as attachments
    • Post -test
      • Post-tests have a minimum requirement of ten multiple choice questions for the first credit hour. Five multiple choice test questions are required for each additional credit hour after the first credit hour.
      • Each question must contain 4 answer choices (A.B.C.D.), with only 1 correct answer. No more than 10% of the total number of post-test questions can contain a True/False, none of the above/all the above/most of the above answer. The correct answers must be highlighted on your post-test to indicate correct answers.
(Note: Participant must pass the post-test with a passing score of 80% or higher) To avoid delays in processing, providers must include all required materials on the checklist in each application submission. Applications with the required documentation are requested no later than 30 business days prior to the scheduled event date. Please submit only one application per email.
All applications must be submitted electronically to Please do not submit applications via mail or fax. NASW encourages email for communication. Submit one application per program title. Please contact NASW staff prior to submitting applications that contain multiple formats for additional guidance and instructions. Note on the application each requested format. Changes in NASW CE approved program title, content, CE hours, etc. are not permitted and must be submitted as a new program.  

Application Materials

Download the following PDF forms:

Contact the NASW CE Approval Program

If you have questions about the NASW CE Approval Program, call 202-336-8295 or e-mail