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Mental Health In America:  How It's Changing and How It is Working (2023) 

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The annual bulletin, InterSections in Practice, will examine mental health in America from a social work perspective. It will explore the best treatments, modalities, and practices that social workers can use to help their clients navigate various environments. The bulletin will also analyze emerging trends and changes that present challenges or opportunities and identify effective strategies to achieve positive outcomes in mental health.


  • Helps social workers better understand interdisciplinary and psychoanalytic thinking about shame and examines which behaviors are thought to be shameful within a particular social and cultural context.
  • Examines intergenerational trauma – the concept of trauma being passed down to the descendants of trauma and why those decedents may react as if they have witnessed or have been exposed to the trauma directly.
  • Helps social workers identify the overlap between Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Trauma Symptoms; providing a better understanding of what underlies children’s behavioral symptoms.

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