Social Work Month 2011

Social Workers Change Futures

Professional social workers make a difference every day. They can be found in nonprofit and government agencies, schools, hospitals, hospices, universities, legislatures, private practices, corporations and the military. Social work contributions strengthen communities, expand options and foster changes that improve life for everyone. Social workers improve the fabric of society by often caring for those who have been left behind or those who have lost their voice. They help people from all walks of life find renewed hope for the future.

Strong and dedicated social workers are an essential part of our health care team, working closely with physicians, nurses and the community to help patients and their families cope with challenges caused by illness or life changes. Joel Allison, FACHE, President and CEO, Baylor Health Care System
A good social worker knows the community and is able to locate every resource appropriate for an individual in need. A good social worker also has the skill to assess, advocate for, and guide an individual to the assistance they require. As a society, we owe the professional social worker a debt of gratitude. Brent A. Carr, Judge, County Criminal Court No. 9, Fort Worth, Texas
Social workers don’t simply make people’s future better; they make the present better by providing the services, the comfort, the support, the love that allow for the possibility of a better tomorrow. Academy Award-nominated director and screenwriter Oren Moverman