NASW 50th Anniversary & 2005 Social Work Congress

In March 2005, as part of NASW’s 50th anniversary celebration, four national social work organizations convened 400 prominent social work leaders to develop action imperatives to forge a unified direction for the profession of social work. The goals of the 2005 Congress were to advance the profession of social work; to develop a common agenda for the social work profession for the next decade; and to launch an action campaign to transform the social service landscape. Identified challenges for the profession clustered in topics related to social justice, the internal workings of the profession itself, and issues related to social work practice in the service delivery arena.

Also during the 50th Anniversary celebration, NASW and the NASW Foundation launched the first multi-million dollar  National Social Work Public Education Campaign.  It was funded largely by individual social worker donations and the support of more than 80 Schools of Social Work.

50th Anniversary Gala

  • Gala Program Booklet
  • Gala Celebrates NASW’s 50-Year History

2005 Social Work Congress

Vision statement: “Social work expertise is highly valued for helping the global community protect and advance the well-being of all people, at every stage of life.”

Public Education Campaign