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Karessa Proctor
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Managing Risk in the Social Work Profession

Managing risk in private practice is a crucial and intricate aspect of the social work profession, ensuring the safety and well-being of both clients and practitioners. Social workers play a pivotal role in addressing various societal challenges, from mental health issues to child welfare concerns, and the complexity of their tasks necessitates a proactive approach to risk management. By systematically assessing, mitigating, and monitoring potential risks, social workers can uphold the highest standards of care, maintain professional integrity, and create a secure environment for all parties involved. This presentation will provide an overview of the prominent themes and issues that tend to lead to litigation and licensing complaints in private practice, as well as explore risk mitigation strategies when working with families in private practice.

Participants will: 
(1) Explore what the research suggests are the prominent themes and issues that tend to lead to litigation and licensing board complaints filed against social workers
(2) Understand the key risk management tips to protect clients and manage risk (litigation and board complaints, especially)
(3) Identify and examine key risk management strategies when working with families

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