SPS Webinar - Social Workers & Teen Suicide Prevention

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January 11, 2024 (1 - 2 pm ET)

Suicide is the second cause of death for adolescents ages 10-19. The number of adolescents experiencing suicidality and dying by suicide is rising despite countless suicide prevention programs, resources, and organizations. This webinar will present an innovative approach to teen suicide prevention and teach social workers specific ways to support adolescents experiencing suicidality.


  • Learn teen suicide risk factors, with some specific to Latinx adolescents.
  • Gain knowledge on a theoretical framework and opportunities to prevent teen suicide.
  • Learn three ways to help parents lower their child’s suicide risk.

Cost: SPS Members: Free / Non-SPS NASW Members: $20 / Non-NASW Member: $35

Registration:  https://naswinstitute.inreachce.com/Details/Information/ecbace4d-18a1-44fd-a758-a47446a489b3

SPS Webinar - I’ve Been Subpoenaed. Now What? – Ethical responses to calls to testify

Rochelle Wilder 0 99

Thursday, March 7, 2024 (12 – 3 pm ET)

Presenter:  Frederic G. Reamer, Ph.D.

CEs:  3 Ethics contact hours

This webinar will provide participants with in-depth discussion of complex and compelling ethical challenges in social work. Moving beyond introductory ethics concepts, the webinar will explore difficult ethics cases and practical strategies designed to protect clients and practitioners. Dr. Frederic Reamer will present a series of challenging ethics cases involving conflicting professional duties and discuss practical steps social workers can take to manage ethical issues skillfully. Key topics will include boundary issues, dual relationships, conflicts of interest, confidentiality exceptions, privileged communication, informed consent, clients’ rights, documentation challenges, termination of services, and technology use, among others. The webinar will include discussion of relevant ethical standards, statutes, regulations, case law, and national practice standards Dr. Reamer will focus especially on decision-making protocols in complex cases. The presenter will make extensive use of case material.

Addressing Human Trafficking from a Clinical and Macro Perspective

Specialty Practice Sections Webinar

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At an ever-increasing rate, social workers are being asked to address both the macro and clinical practice needs of human trafficking survivors. This workshop will provide valuable information about human trafficking as well as practical interventions that social workers can utilize to intervene at both the micro and macro level.

The Indian Child Welfare Act: Why It’s Needed, What's at Stake, and What We Can Do

Specialty Practice Section Webinar

Rochelle Wilder 0 636

June 14, 2023 (1 – 2 pm ET)

Presenter:: Meschelle Linjean, MSW

CEs: 1 Ethics contact hour

This webinar will help social workers understand connections between the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), Tribal sovereignty, and Native American well-being, and how legal challenges to ICWA threaten the wellness of Native children and families, Tribal Nations, and beyond. It will cover federal ICWA provisions, intentions, implementation, and impact, followed by a summary of the Brackeen v. Haaland case. It will explore ramifications of non-preferred foster care and adoption placements for Indigenous children, and delve into ICWA’s broader relationships with the self-determination, health, and socioeconomic well-being of Indigenous Peoples. The webinar will highlight how understanding ICWA laws, and engaging in policy advocacy for such laws, align with social work ethics and competencies. Finally, it will explore actions social workers can take to protect and strengthen ICWA laws.


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