Brain Development and Learning Consent During Childhood

NASW Vermont

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In this training you will: a) understand the skills involved in respecting consent b) learn the developmental connections between childhood empathy and adult actions c) learn brain science findings on empathy and the optimal developmental window to acquire it d) learn about primary prevention strategies beginning in early childhood to prevent child sexual abuse and perpetration.

2023 NASW North Carolina Ethics Conference and Awards

NASW North Carolina

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Social work history is filled with instances where social workers have had to make decisions of conscience about whether to obey the law, particularly when doing so seems to conflict with social work values. In the end, such decisions constitute some of the most difficult ethical dilemmas in the profession. This conference will dive into the Ethics of Resistance: When Social Workers get into Good Trouble.

NASW Missouri 2023 Annual Symposium

NASW Missouri

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Come network, collaborate and learn. Share about issues that are important to you and the populations you care about while you obtain continuing education credit for your licensure renewal!

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