Trans Day of Visibility 2023

NASW Pennsylvania

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Event /CEs Schedule:

1) 1pm – 1:05pm: Introduction & Welcome

2) 1:05pm – 1:35pm: Begins with a goal of starting the event in a place of mindfulness with Hope Comes in Community (.5CE)
With: Rebecca Suglia, MSW, LCSW

3) 1:35pm - 2:35pm: Therapeutic Best Practices: Beyond the Gender Binary (1.CE)
With: Tiff Lanza, PhD, LCSW, M.Ed.

4) 2:35pm – 3:00pm: Legislative status/ updates
With: Johanna Byrd, ACSW, IOM, CAE & NASW-PA Executive Director and/or members from our lobbyist team (.5CE)

5) 3:00pm – 3:05pm: Conclusion, instructions for CEs and our Thank you

NASW New Mexico 42nd Annual Conference

"Social Work: Resilient in Times of Change"

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This year’s theme, "Social Work: Resilient in Times of Change," is twofold. First, we are addressing the professionals, we want to the acknowledge the work and dedication of the professionals working directly with our children and youth. Second is to bring to attention some of the historical and institutional discrimination that exists against caregiving professions; or the expectations of familial roles and responsibilities, who occupies them, and how our systems continue to oppress them.

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