White Gatekeepers: Thursday, February 8, 9 am - 12:15 p.m.

NASW Maryland Chapter

Kyle Northam 0 319
Racism and oppression still exist in 21st century America. Not only do these social ills still exist, but they are allowed to flourish at the expense of disadvantaged populations whose only desire is to be given an equal opportunity to thrive. How do these unjust systems continue to prevail despite all the good work that has been done to dismantle them? The answer is simple; White gatekeepers. In this 3-hour soul-searching, empathic, and research-based workshop, participants will be equipped with knowledge and information to answer questions such as: Who oversees access to mental health and medical healthcare? Who controls wealth and prosperity building resources? Who decides who gets hired in the workplace? Who determines what is acceptable and not acceptable appearance or behavior in America? Who governs politics and reinforces laws? Who built the infrastructure that America is sustained on? How is racism and oppression sustained in 21st Century America? Also, participants will learn about system theory and strategies that can be used to dismantle racist and oppressive systems.  

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