Emerging Social Work Leader

Olymphia O'Neale White, DSW

Olymphia O'Neale WhiteOlymphia O’Neale-White, DSW, also known as “Dr. O”, is a licensed clinical social worker with a passion for education, public speaking, professional development, and advocacy. Dr. O brings a unique approach to everything she does. As a second-generation American, servicemember, and clinician, she works to promote cultural inclusion, ethics, education, and competency within professional spaces. The founder of Through My Lens Consulting Services LLC, Dr. O infuses her humor, enthusiasm and infectious energy into each consultation, training session, job preparedness program, and employment service. Her goal is to provide transformative learning experiences for students and post graduate professionals, molding them into the change agents of tomorrow.

Dr. O's journey into human services began with a degree in sociology from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Intrigued by communities, systems, and policies, she dived into social work at North Carolina Central University, later earning her Doctor of Social Work (DSW) degree from the University of Kentucky. Driven by personal challenges in reproductive healthcare and child loss, Dr. O also dedicated herself to advancing reproductive education for social betterment. Balancing the roles of a military social worker, entrepreneur, and part-time professor at various universities nationwide, she made her contributions through teaching, guiding, and volunteering.

Within professional systems, it can be difficult for an individual to address perceived issues or gaps. It is said of Dr. O by one of her supporters, that as a new army officer and emerging social worker, she does not shy away from this work. She places her effort in discovering ways to educate and improve service outcomes. This effort inevitably supports military service members, their families, and the United States Army. Dr. O is a social worker who will make a lasting mark on the communities she serves.

Beyond her commitments in mental health and the military, Dr. O embodies a creative spirit and is recognized as an emerging social work leader in the profession. Her impactful contributions have already left a lasting impression, and her potential for further growth and influence is boundless.

NASW is proud to recognize Dr. O’Neale-White as the recipient of the NASW 2024 Emerging Social Work Leader Award.