School Social Worker Toolkit

Back to School with Social Workers

The services that school social workers provide are invaluable.

Back to School with Social Workers, in the shape of an apple

School social workers act as the connection for school, home, and community services to help children with emotional, developmental, and educational needs.

Most school social workers practice in public and private schools, although a small percentage may work in social services agencies or other service sites such as a preschool program or residential treatment center for children who are emotionally disturbed.

Studies show that having social workers in schools helps improve attendance and enables students to overcome life’s hurdles so they get the best possible education. Social workers also help schools address issues such as bullying and violence.

Despite the benefits that social workers bring, many school districts hire fewer social workers than those recommended by the NASW Standards for School Social Work Services. Schools mainly cite budget reasons for not hiring enough social workers.

To stress the importance of social workers in schools the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) and the NASW School Social Work Specialty Practice Section have prepared this online media toolkit to educate the public and media about the importance of school social workers.

How to use the toolkit

  • Use the draft letters to school administrators and superintendents to urge them to hire social workers.
  • Use the draft letter to the editor to write your local newspapers.
  • Share the Resources for Families and Resources for Social Workers with your friends, families, colleagues and local news.
  • Share the message through your social media friends and use the special Facebook Frame.
  • Show pride in School Social Work. Buy and wear "Back to School with Social Workers" gear.