Social Work Month 2011 Proclamation Sample

Use this template to send a proclamation to your mayor, local or state official.

WHEREAS, Social Workers are positive change agents who dedicate their careers to helping people transform their lives, or improving environments that make such progress possible.

WHEREAS, more than 640,000 trained Social Work professionals in the United States work tirelessly in agencies, hospitals, hospices, schools, universities, legislatures, private practices, corporations, and the military.

WHEREAS, Social Workers are advocates for access, equality and fairness.

WHEREAS, Social Workers improve the fabric of society by caring for those who have been left behind, or for those who have lost their voice.

WHEREAS, Social Workers help people explore new opportunities in the face of serious life changes and challenges.

WHEREAS, the Social Work profession was established more than 100 years ago to help Americans overcome poverty, illness, addiction, abuse, discrimination and other adversities to reach their full potential.

WHEREAS, the Social Work profession works to change systems and customs that limit the ability of vulnerable individuals and groups to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

WHEREAS, Schools of Social Work train socially conscious people to make a real difference in the world through service and leadership.

WHEREAS, Social Workers strengthen communities, expand options, and work to facilitate humane changes in policies and legislation that improve the lives of everyone.

WHEREAS, every day Social Workers wake up believing they will give an individual, a family, or a community renewed hope in the future.

NOW, THEREFORE, in recognition of professional Social Workers and their commitment and dedication through service delivery, research, education, and advocacy.
I, _____________________, proclaim the month of March 2011 as Professional Social Work Month and call upon all citizens to join with the National Association of Social Workers and ___[your organization]___ in celebration and support of the Social Work profession.