Social Work Month 2016

Forging Solutions Out of Challenges

Our nation’s social workers confront some of the most challenging issues facing individuals, families, and communities. They make our nation a better place to live by helping millions of people reach their full potential through advocacy and support.

Film and Multimedia

NASW has partnered with GATHR Films to enable social workers to host film screenings and discussions around the country.

The Video Project
During 2016 Social Work Month, The Video Project is offering a special deal to allow NASW members to watch four mental health and wellness films for free online and to purchase the films at a 30 percent discount.

Lifelines: Stories from the Human Safety Net
This is a media project of the University of Maryland Journalism Center on Children and Families supported by NASW. The project allowed journalists to use media to tell stories of how social workers help people from various walks of life across the United States.

2016 Logos

Download 2016 Social Work Month logos to use on your website and promotional materials.