2021 Social Media Toolkit

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Social Media Storm

NASW encourages social workers to share how essential they are across their social media channels. On March 1, we will engage in a social media storm across all networks for an hour.

On March 1, between noon and 1 p.m., NASW will engage in a social media storm on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram! Between noon and 1 p.m., please use the hashtags #SocialWorkMonth and #SocialWorkIsEssential in short posts showcasing how your work is essential.

Participate in the social media storm on March 1, 2021

Showcase the Profession All Month!

Here’s how to showcase the essential ways you contribute to the social work profession across all social media platforms:

  • Aim high! Don't be shy about creating, sharing and posting throughout the day. Try to post at least once or twice daily on Facebook and Instagram and at least three to four times on Twitter. Focus on early in the morning, lunchtime, after work and on Saturdays and Sundays on Facebook.
  • A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but video’s worth even more! Don’t forget to make use of images -- lots of images! That includes GIFs, videos, and photos to help your messages to stand out. Being creative can help increase your visibility.
  • Don’t forget to tag @nasw as well as your friends, followers and colleagues!
  • Use the hashtags #SocialWorkMonth #SocialWorkIsEssential #EssentialSocialWorker #SWMonth and #NASW so others can join the conversation.
  • Livestream from events to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitch when possible. Don’t forget to social distance at in-person events.Never livestreamed before? Practice with your friends first. And don’t be afraid to try new livestreaming platforms such as OneStreamLive or Streamyard.
  • Find Social Work Month gear, including PPE, t-shirts, and more.
  • Don’t forget to add these hashtags after Social Work Month social media posts: #SocialWorkIsEssential #EssentialSocialWorker #SocialWorkMonth #SWMonth and tag us at @nasw and tag your colleagues and friends so we can all share!
  • Upload images to social media that are related to Social Work Month and add the phrase Happy Social Work Month! #SocialWorkIsEssential #EssentialSocialWorker #SocialWorkMonth #SWMonth
  • Don’t forget to share why #SocialWorkIsEssential! Share photos of you engaging in activities from being at food banks, distributing meals or supplies from a safe distance to school children or at shelters or helping your constituents. Be mindful not to include photos of clients.

On Facebook

Use the NASW 2021 Social Work Month Frame on Facebook.

On Twitter

  • Share the essential work you do in your everyday lives through posts, pictures, and videos.
  • Share your own individual stories. For example, you can record a video of yourself on your phone.
  • Use the phrase: “I became a social worker because...” or “I became a social worker to help shape the world we live in" or “As an essential social worker I...”
  • Share your video on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram’s Reels or IGTV or in Fleets on Twitter.

On Instagram

  • Share a photo or video of you out in the field, whether that’s delivering meals, working in a hospital, or engaging in advocacy, visiting clients from a safe distance (with your mask on) showcasing Social Workers Are Essential gear, or with a colleague or classmate. Be sure to share why you love the social work profession!
  • Upload an image an image from your employer or workplace that acknowledges the essential work you do with your clients! Don’t forget to add the hashtags and to tag us!
  • Upload an image of a social worker who inspires you or a selfie.
  • Tell your fans and followers why you became a social worker. Use this phrase, “I became a social worker because it was a social worker who helped me find my voice. I want to be that person to do the same. Why did you become a social worker? Add hashtags and tags.

On TikTok or Reels or Fleets

  • Upload video of you or your colleagues discussing why you believe your work has been and continues to be essential.
  • Don’t forget to tag others and use the hashtags: #SocialWorkIsEssential #IAmEssential #EssentialSocialWorker #SocialWorkMonth #SWMonth

On LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn is a more professional platform, you'll want to tailor your message appropriately. Connect with other social workers there, share stories, research, and messages about the profession, as well as important issues that impact your work. Don’t forget to share stories you may come across about how social workers on the frontlines have helped people during the pandemic or what changes the many social workers nominated to public office are planning. Also share each other’s stories about you have uplifted the profession or advocated on behalf of others.

Follow #nasw and be sure to read about what social workers have been doing during the COVID pandemic. Here are some sample posts to share across platforms:

More Ideas

  • Create and post videos, consider Reels on IG or TikTok.
  • Create and post articles.
  • Share the history of social work.
  • Link to our Social Work Month Page where you will find our Proclamation, Theme Rationale, a Sample Press Release and Promotional Gear and a Sample Letter to the Editor and other content.
  • Don’t forget to use these sample hashtags listed above and don’t forget to tag others. (Be sure to check how other groups are presented on different networks, not every group uses the same moniker across platforms)
  • Sample posts
    • "Happy Social Work Month to all my fellow social workers!" #SocialWorkIsEssential #IAmEssential #EssentialSocialWorker #SocialWorkMonth #SWMonth @nasw
    • "Connect with thought leaders by tagging them as well as your most ardent followers and fans @NASWNJ, @NASWNYC @NASWNYS #SocialWorkIsEssential #IAmEssential #EssentialSocialWorker #SocialWorkMonth #SWMonth
    • Attending an event related to Social Work Month? Even if it’s virtual, you can share screenshots, post photos and videos to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. If you’re livestreaming, don’t forget to engage (talk with and answer questions from your audience) – don’t forget to thank them and share their useful information as well.

Social workers are essential

2021 Logos

Download logos to use on your websites and social media accounts.