Social Media Toolkit for Social Work Month 2022

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The Time is Right for Social Work! That's the theme for Social Work Month this March and we're hoping #socialworkers will take this theme to heart as we bring awareness to the awesome, life-changing work that social workers do by sharing your stories across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Our hashtags this year: #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork

Go Big!

Did you know weekends, late night and very early in the morning are the best time to get eyes on your content? So don't be shy about posting and sharing updates all day long.

Ideally, you should aim to post at least once or twice daily on Instagram and Facebook and at least three to four times on Twitter. Focus on early in the morning, lunchtime, after work and on Saturdays and Sundays on Facebook.

Want extra visibility?

  • Use images, GIFs, videos, and other materials to get your messages to stand out.
  • Use the hashtags #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #SocialWorkMonth and #NASW so others can join the conversation.
  • Also be sure to include @nasw on Twitter, tag @naswsocialworkers on Facebook, and tag @naswsocialworkers on Instagram.
  • Remember to tag influencers, your friends and colleagues, too!
  • Attending a Social Work Month event virtually or taking precautions to go in person? Post photos and videos to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Remember to use the hashtags! (You can use more than one if it fits).
  • Share photos of you sporting Social Work Month gear.
  • Use our Social Work Month logos.

Facebook and Twitter

You can duplicate some of your activities on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. And remember to add appropriate photos or GIFS to your posts for maximum exposure.

Don't forget the hashtags: #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #SocialWorkMonth #NASW

Sample Facebook and Twitter posts

You can modify these messages and add appropriate images to use on different platforms. Follow #nasw for more as the month progresses:

  • The pandemic has shown the world something we've known all along - #TheTimeIsRightForSocialWork  - it always has been (heart emoji) #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW
  • March is #SocialWorkMonth Happy Social Work Month #Socialworkers! #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW
  • Happy #SocialWorkMonth to all my fellow social workers! #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW
  •  #Socialworkers, helping their clients one day at a time #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW
  •  #Socialworkers, #TheTimeIsRightforSocialWork and  self-care! #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW
  • A day in the life of a social worker #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW
  •  #SocialWork is my SUPERPOWER! #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW
  • I became a social worker because a social worker helped me find my voice. I want to do the same. #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW
  • Why did you become a social worker? #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW


Share a photo of yourself at work, engaged in advocacy, at a unit meeting, showcasing #NASW #SocialWork promotional gear. Get permission from others before taking and sharing photos containing their likeness. Share why you love your profession. For example:

I believe it's the #RightTimeforSocialWork because (explain here) #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW I became a social worker because ... #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW Did you know that by 2030 there will be more than 800,000  #socialworkers in the US? I'm one of them. #socialworkproud #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW

Remember, in addition to adding hashtags, tag people! You can tag up to three people on Instagram.


LinkedIn is a more professional platform, so you'll want to tailor your message appropriately. Connect with other social workers. Share stories, research, and facts about the profession. Highlight important issues that impact your work.

Sample LinkedIn posts

Think of salary negotiation as an opportunity to show your new employer that you're talented and savvy. [Link to: Learn about Negotiating a Higher Salary]

One benefit of a #socialwork degree is that the job possibilities are endless. Sometimes it pays to think outside the box! [Link to: Maximizing the flexibility of a social work degree] #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW

Since the first #socialwork class was offered in 1898 at Columbia University, #socialworkers have led the way developing private and charitable organizations to serve people in need. Social workers continue to address the needs of society and bring our nation's social problems to the public's attention. [Link to: Social Work History] #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW

You can also:

  • Post videos. Have fun with them, especially on TikTok where instructional and inspirational videos do well.
  • Post articles
  • Share the purpose of Social Work Month or the history of the profession
  • Use hashtags related to your post, including #SWMonth2022 #RightTimeforSocialWork #NASW so others can join the conversation.
  • Connect with thought leaders by tagging them as well as your followers and fans.
  • Tag NASW as well as your colleagues and friends.

Note: Remember to only share images that you have permission to post on social media!

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