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hand holds three eggs of different sizes

Backyard Chickens Provide Fresh Eggs, Connection to Nature, and Comedy

Social work investigator Morgan McLaughlin-Kessell raises backyard chickens with her family in suburban San Diego.

men playing rugby outdoors

Rugby Teaches Perseverance, Camaraderie

U.S. Navy Lt. Ryan Lennon, MSW, LCSW, says playing rugby has taught him how to keep going.

three people in full-body beekeeping suits open a beehive

Beekeeping Takes Time and Patience

With beekeeping, you have to be a continuous learner and to figure things out, says Gene Svebakken, a retired social worker who keeps beehives as a hobby.

woman stands next to a two-seater airplane near a pine forest

Social Work in Alaska

Amy L. Sandridge, PhD, LCSW encourages social workers to consider practicing in Alaska."Alaska needs you," she says.

Suzanne Cross smiling with eyes closed, hands over heart, wearing purple quilt with lavender fringe

Shawlmaking as a Healing Process

Celebrated shawl maker Suzanne Cross, PhD, ACSW, LMSW, LLC, creates some shawls for special occasions, some for gifts. And all of her shawls have meaning.

Andy Linder

Footbag World Record Holder

Andy Linder holds multiple footbag world records, and he is still the only person since 1983 to break 1,000 kicks in five minutes, with a total of 1,019 kicks.

Constance McCashin

From Primetime to Social Work

Former "Knots Landing" star Constance McCashin says training to be an actor prepared her well for her current social work career as a therapist.

Shelby Haisley, smiling

Self-Publishing Helps Build Self-Esteem

As a teenager, Shelby Haisley struggled with depression and anxiety. When her therapist asked her to keep a journal, she instead wrote a story with a female protagonist.

Trapeta B. Mayson

Poetry is Powerful

As the 2020-2021 poet laureate of Philadelphia, Trapeta B. Mayson, MSSW, MBA, LCSW, launched a poetry hotline that offers hope and inspiration through poetry.

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