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2024 Issues

Social Work Advocates National Association of Social Workers Spring 2024 Cover

Spring 2024

Cover story: The Fentanyl Crisis in Schools: Awareness, Education Part of Prevention Efforts

cover of winter 2024 issue

Winter 2024

Cover story: Unprecedented Experiment: Pandemic Initiatives Provide Roadmap to Ending U.S. Child Poverty

2023 Issues

cover of October / November 2023 issue

Oct. / Nov. 2023

Cover story: A Step Backward: Social Workers Weigh Impact of U.S. Supreme Court Rulings

cover of August / September 2023 issue

August / Sept. 2023

Cover story: Gun Violence

cover of June / July 2023 issue

June / July 2023 2023

Cover story: ChatGPT and Social Work

cover of April / May 2023 issue

April / May 2023

Cover story: Improving Access to Mental Health Care Act

cover of February / March 2023 issue

Feb. / March 2023

Cover story: Ethical Challenges

2022 Issues

cover of December 2022 / January 2023 issue with COVID-19 headline

Dec. 2022 / Jan. 2023

Cover story: COVID-19 Year 3

cover of October/November 2022 issue with Grand Challenges for Social Work headline

Oct. / Nov. 2022

Cover story: Eliminating Racism

cover of August-September 2022 magazine

Aug. / Sept. 2022

Cover story: Roe v. Wade

cover of June-July 2022 magazine

June / July 2022

Cover story: Human Rights Advocacy

cover of April-May 2022 magazine

April / May 2022

Cover story: The Great Resignation

cover of February - March 2022 magazine

Feb. / March 2022

Cover story: Political Advocacy

2021 Issues

cover of December 2021 / January 2022 issue

Dec. 2021 / Jan. 2022

Cover story:Vaccine Education

cover of October / November 2021 issue

Oct. / Nov. 2021

Cover story: New Administration, New Opportunities

cover of August/September 2021 issue

Aug. / Sept. 2021

Cover story: Back to School

cover of June/July 2021 issue

June / July 2021

Cover story: Drug Decriminalization

cover of April/May 2021 issue

April / May 2021

Cover story: New Administration, New Opportunities

cover of February / March 2021 issue

February / March 2021

Cover story: Climate Change

2020 Issues

cover of December 2020 /January 2021 issue

Dec. 2020 / Jan. 2021

Cover story: Human Trafficking: A Pervasive Human Rights Issue

cover of October / November 2020 issue

Oct. / Nov. 2020 Issue

Cover story: Struggle for Racial Equity Intensifies Amid Health and Economic Crises

cover of August/September 2020 issue

Aug./Sept. 2020 Issue

Cover story: Social Workers Confront Pandemic While Caring for Others

cover of June/July 2020 issue

June / July 2020

Cover story: Election 2020: Voting Concerns Now Include COVID-19

April / May 2020

Cover story: LGBT Stigma and Stress

cover of February/March 2020 issue

Feb. / March 2020

Cover story: Immigration: Social Works Focus on Trauma-Related Impact

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