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Member Referral Campaign

July 2019 - October 2019

The National Association of Social Workers is proud to represent social workers across our nation. Together, we've accomplished much for our profession and the people we serve during the past 60 years. But to successfully address today's pressing social issues — mental health, addiction, gun violence, sexual and domestic violence, immigration, poverty, homelessness, voters’ rights, criminal justice, environmental justice — we must grow our resources and make our voice even louder.

Will you help?

Yes! Tell Me About the Member Referral Campaign

The Member Referral Campaign acknowledges and rewards social workers who join NASW for the first time or who reinstate their memberships during the Member Referral Campaign, which runs July 1, 2019 – October 31, 2019. During the campaign, committed NASW members are inviting their social work friends and colleagues to join or rejoin NASW and strengthen the profession. Eligible social workers who join or reinstate as regular members (DSW/PhD, MSW or BSW) during the campaign will receive a free Specialty Practice Section membership. The NASW members who made the referrals will also receive a gift if their referrals join or reinstate as regular members during the campaign.

The Member Referral Campaign culminates in October, NASW’s anniversary month, with an event that will celebrate our history and the successes our members have helped make possible. The event, held at the NASW National office in Washington, DC, will be live streamed throughout the United States.

Who’s Eligible to be Recruited Through the Campaign?

Eligible prospective members must qualify for regular NASW membership (DSW/PhD, MSW, or BSW) and either have never been an NASW member or have been inactive as a member since 2017 or before. We’re delighted to welcome members of all types, but only regular members are eligible for this campaign.

Who's Eligible to Make a Referral

Current regular NASW members may refer eligible prospective members to join or reinstate as regular NASW members. To be eligible to receive a campaign gift, you must make your referral during the campaign, which runs July 1, 2019 through October 31, 2019, and those you invite to join or reinstate as regular NASW members must do so by October 31, 2019.


To show our appreciation and gratitude for helping to grow the association and make our voice louder, all those who join or reinstate as regular NASW members during the Member Referral campaign will be offered a free Specialty Practice Section membership. Those who successfully recruit regular members during the campaign will be offered a gift, too.

I Joined or Rejoined as a Regular Member During the Campaign. Can I Make a Referral?

YES! Access tools to invite colleagues and friends to join or rejoin NASW as regular members during the Member Referral Campaign.

Campaign Materials


Please contact NASW Member Services at or 800.742.4089 M-F, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. ET.

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Why join NASW?

We spoke with our members at the 2018 National Conference about how they're helped by being an NASW member.

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