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NASW deeply appreciates your commitment to the social work profession, and to the people and communities you serve. We are working hard to keep social workers safe and prepared during public health emergencies, and beyond. We're advocating for COVID-19 vaccine access for social workers. We continue to monitor changes in commercial payer telehealth policies and advocate for permanent telehealth coverage, and we continue to advocate for audio-only telehealth. We're advocating for license portability, personal protective equipment (PPE) and hazard pay, and widespread economic relief.

We need you as our member to continue this work.

Like you, we care about your safety; equitable access to health and mental health services; meals and emotional support for children during school closures; the increased risk for neglect and violence due to social isolation; the effect of the virus on vulnerable communities; growing unemployment; and the health and safety of our own families.

COVID-19 Resources for Social Workers

Many of you are essential workers serving on the frontlines of this pandemic. We understand your difficulties and sacrifices, and we want to continue serving you.

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Your membership enables NASW to provide resources that are reliable, timely, and critical for social workers in public health emergencies such as the coronavirus. If you haven’t already done so, visit NASW’s webpage dedicated to COVID-19 and social work practice. You’ll find the latest updates on policy and advocacy, changes affecting teletherapy, tips on adjusting your practice and supporting clients during the pandemic, ethics guidelines, and self-care resources.

Also visit your Chapter website for the most relevant information for social workers in your area.

Dues Flexibility

If the current crisis has affected your ability to pay membership dues, NASW wants to help. Contact Member Services right away at or 800.742.4089 M-F, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. ET. We want you to be our member.

Together, we can get through this!

Additional Reliable, Trusted Resources for Social Workers

NASW resources help social workers every day. Below is a sampling of resources members rely on to enhance their job performance and champion change. View more resources and NASW benefits.

Peer Support and Connectedness

MyNASW Member Community

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From solo practice to interdisciplinary teams, from students and new professionals to veteran social workers, NASW’s MyNASW online member community is a fast way to connect with peers in your specialty who are eager to listen and help you out. MyNASW community members bring new points of view to discussions, share useful resources, and add to the knowledge base. MyNASW is also a great resource for new social workers who want to find mentors and for those who want to share their years of experience.

Specialty Practice Sections

NASW’s Specialty Practice Sections (SPS) connect social workers with practice-related resources and free CE webinars. Focus your professional development by adding a Section to your NASW membership. SPS members can participate in their corresponding MyNASW subcommunity, at no extra charge:

  • Children, Youth, and Schools, which is exclusively for members of the School Social Work; Child Welfare; and Children, Adolescents & Young Adults Specialty Practice Sections.
  • Clinical Social Work, Aging, and Health, which is exclusively for members of the Aging; Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs; Health; Mental Health; and Private Practice Specialty Practice Sections.
  • Social Justice, Administration, and Courts, which is exclusively for members of the Administration/Supervision, Social and Economic Justice & Peace, and Social Work and the Courts Specialty Practice Sections.

Chapter Membership

NASW membership includes membership in your state NASW chapter, at no additional cost. This dual membership gives you that much-needed connection to the profession where you live or work. Meet up with other social workers at chapter-run events.

Research to Practice


NASW membership opens doors to evidence-based research that you can use to advocate for the populations and communities you serve, shape treatment plans, and inform policy.

NASW Journals

Social Work, the premiere journal of the social work profession and the official journal of NASW, is included with NASW membership. Social Work is dedicated to improving practice and advancing knowledge in social work and social welfare. NASW's specialty journals, available at reduced subscription rates for NASW members, provide articles on innovations in practice, interdisciplinary efforts, research, program evaluation, policy, and planning.

Social Work Advocates Magazine

NASW’s award-winning magazine, Social Work Advocates, carries in-depth feature articles about social work trends and issues. NASW membership includes a subscription to our magazine. Visit the Social Work Advocates archives to catch up on issues you missed prior to joining as an NASW member.

NASW Research Library

A members-only research tool, the NASW Research Library helps social workers find evidence-based research, client education, assessment tools, and more.

Professional Development Discounts

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Social workers turn to NASW for continuing education, credentials and certifications, and licensing support. NASW members receive discounted pricing on their professional development needs.

Social Work Online CE Institute

Take free and discounted CE courses as an NASW member at the Social Work Online CE Institute. Search your practice area for relevant courses.

Credentials and Certifications

NASW credentials and certifications show you meet national levels of excellence in your discipline. NASW members save hundreds on credentials and certifications.

CE Tracker

CE Tracker is an online tool that tells you exactly what you need to renew your license and tracks your progress along the way. It even suggests content to obtain the continuing education you need. NASW members receive discounted subscription rates.

Dedicated Support

Ethics and Legal Consultations

NASW members facing job-related ethical dilemmas and social work-related legal issues can talk privately with NASW ethics and legal staff. These are free services that are highly valued by our members.

Practice Expert at National Level

When you join NASW, you help ensure that there’s a dedicated practice expert at the national level who advocates for you and for the populations and communities you serve and who works to get you practice tools that help you perform your job even better.


Please contact NASW Member Services at or 800.742.4089
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. ET.

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