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February / March 2019 Issue

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The Opioid Crisis: Social Work Solutions

Our country is in a crisis caused by opioids that started in the late 1990s and now is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans every year. Social workers are involved in every aspect, from pushing for new policies to dealing with the impact.

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Addiction Treatment Can Be Difficult But Rewarding

Social workers juggle many issues when working on the front lines with clients who have addictions. It can take a toll. It can necessitate self-care practices. And it also can be rewarding.

Kathryn Conley Wehrmann, PhD, MSW, LCSW

Social Work Elevators Raise Profession's Visibility

Our celebration of Social Work Month in March is fast approaching and we will once again be involved in recognizing and elevating the profession that we have committed to as practitioners, policymakers and educators.

Angelo McClain, PhD, LICSW

A Culture of Collaboration

Consider how a strong, productive 2019 can lay the groundwork for 2020 and help make recent gains matter. What will it take to make it a great year for social workers?