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February / March 2021 Issue

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Climate Change: Social Work Addresses Environmental Impacts on Physical and Mental Health

Environmental impacts on communities and ecosystems involve things we depend on, like water, energy and transportation. Climate change also affects humans’ physical and mental health, making it a social work priority.

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Like Never Before: Social Workers are Essential

As the global health pandemic highlighted social and racial inequities, among other issues, it also made clear the importance of social workers.

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NASW Delegates Approve Goals for Next Three Years

NASW’s Delegate Assembly approved its priority goals for the next three years, as well as revisions to 14 public policy statements that had been under review. Delegates also considered two proposed changes to the Code of Ethics.

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Guidelines for Social Workers Visiting and Working Inside Corrections Facilities

Safety, boundaries and communication with corrections officers are some of the key guidelines for social workers in correctional facilities, say Susan Radcliffe and Daniel Pollack.

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Mit Joyner

The Path Forward: Climbing the Hill Together

Social work must take bold, deliberate actions that bend the arc of justice toward liberation for all, writes NASW President Mit Joyner.

Laetitia Clayton

Hope is Power

There are many things to celebrate this year, but also more tough times ahead. With challenges still ahead of us, hope is the power we need to see us through.

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In the Public Eye

NASW members Ron Avi Astor, Karen Perez, Iman Saymeh and Chris McLaughlin are quoted as experts in mainstream media stories.

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Travel Lessons: An Explorer is Born

Cynthia Catchings travels the globe to learn about other cultures, including their social work practices and programs.

Angelo McClain

NASW Applauds Social Workers Through Advocacy

The COVID-19 pandemic has affirmed social workers’ essential role in emergency response, and highlighted our skills and flexibility, writes NASW CEO Angelo McClain.

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Association News

Get the latest from NASW's national office, our Chapters, practice and advocacy updates and more.

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Schools of Social Work (.edu)

Three schools of social work discuss how they are placing more emphasis on racial justice education and other activities since the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in 2020.

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NASW Events Calendar: February, March & April 2021

View our calendar of upcoming conferences, webinars and other events at NASW and related organizations.

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