More Aid is Needed After Economic Relief Package Passes

In December, NASW commended Congress and the White House for passing a $900 billion economic relief package that will provide aid to individuals, families and communities as COVID-19 continues to rage.

“This package delivers urgently needed help to millions of Americans who continue to struggle due to the devastating fallout from the pandemic,” said NASW CEO Angelo McClain.

The aid includes 10 weeks of jobless benefits and a $300 weekly supplemental unemployment enhancement payment.

“We are disappointed that student loan debt relief was not included in the package,” McClain said. “We are also disappointed that only taxpayers and their dependents under 17 qualify for the direct payments. This means that millions of adult dependents, including the elderly, disabled and many high-school and college age students were excluded. We urge Congress and the Biden Administration to include these and other provisions in future relief packages."

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2021 Blueprint of Federal Social Policy Priorities

NASW warmly welcomes the Biden-Harris administration and the 117th Congress. We are delighted to share our recommendations outlining urgently needed policy solutions in 21 issue areas.

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