Change Can Be Good

Editor's Note

By Laetitia Clayton

Laetitia Clayton

The start of a new year often is a time for reflection and also looking forward—setting new goals and making the changes necessary to achieve those goals. At NASW, we’re refocusing efforts this year to empower social workers. That is the theme for Social Work Month 2024, and it includes discussions around improving social work salaries. You can learn more in our online article and at

Speaking of changes, this first issue of 2024 begins a new quarterly publication schedule for Social Work Advocates. It also has an updated look and some new content. 

This issue’s cover story is about child poverty and how legislative efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic led to historic lows in the U.S. child poverty rate. After those expanded benefits expired in 2022, the child poverty rate doubled. You can read more about this topic starting here. Our other two in-depth feature articles cover self-care for social workers and the rise of corporate social work. 

We hope you enjoy your updated member magazine, and that you have a great Social Work Month! 

Until next time, 

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