Caseload Concept Paper and Matrix Published

Caseload Work Group Completes First Steps Toward Development of a Caseload Calculator

NASW is pleased to announce the release of the Case Management Caseload Concept Paper, jointly published with the Case Management Society of America (CMSA). This paper — which represents the culmination of nearly two years of work by NASW, CMSA, and other members of the Caseload Work Group — includes an updated version of the Caseload Matrix and provides the foundation from which a calculator to determine appropriate caseload size and case mix for case managers working in health, behavioral health, and workers' compensation settings can be developed.

The paper and matrix incorporate comments submitted by social workers, nurses, other health care professionals, administrators, planners, and labor and consumer advocates during two public comment periods (August 2007 and July 2008). The concept paper expands upon the elements in the caseload matrix, presents research supporting the significance of the matrix elements and the need for a caseload calculator, and documents the recommendations of the Caseload Work Group as it concludes the first phase of work needed to develop a caseload calculator.