Supervisory Leaders in Aging Advisory Committee

The following advisory committee members, NASW Executive Directors and staff members, and faculty were invaluable in the implementation of the Supervisory Leaders in Aging Program. Many thanks to them all.

SLA Advisory Committee

Elizabeth Alvarado, LCSW

Katharine Briar-Lawson, PhD, MSW

Sarah Greene Burger, RN, MPH, FAAN

Steven R. Counsell, MD

Sandra Edmonds Crewe, PhD

Robyn Golden, MA, LCSW

Gavin Malcolm, LCSW

Rose Starr, DSW, LMSW

Laura Taylor, LSCSW

Delma Thompson, MSW

Erin Sclar, MSW

Kimberly Street, MSW

National Coordinating Center

Barbara Silverstone, PhD, LCSW

Daniel Kaplan, PhD

NASW Chapter Executive Directors

Jim Akin, MSW, ACSW (Florida)

Daphne McClellan, PhD, ACSW (Maryland)

Joel Rubin, MSW, ACSW (Illinois)

Bob Schachter, DSW (retired, New York City)

SLA Coordinators

Frances Brennan, MA

Anne Kelly, CAE, CMP

Marge Mulcare, MSW


Sandra Alexander, MSW

Elizabeth Alvarado, PhD, LCSW

Julie Bach, PhD, LCSW

Rona Bartelstone, LCSW

Candace Billingsley, LCSW, MSW

Frances Brennan, LCSW

Candida Brooks-Harrison, MSW, LCSW

Shanna Burke, PhD, LCSW

Kim Burton, BA

John Cagle, PhD

Katharine Campbell, PhD, LCSW

Reba Cornman, MSW

Sandra Crewe, PhD

Sara Dado, LCSW

Joan Davitt, PhD

Deirdre Downes, PhD, LCSW

Phyllis Erlbaum-Zur, PhD, LCSW

Joy Ernst, PhD, MSW

Mary Faith Ferretto, LCSW-C

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, LCSW-C

Joanna Frankel, LCSW-C

Alicia Fry, LMSW

Denise Gammonley, PhD, LCSW

Nancy Giunta, PhD, MSW

Carol Goldbaum, PhD, LCSW

Robyn Golden, LCSW

Nancy Gordon, LCSW

Stacey Gordon, LMSW

Natalie Holzman, MSW, LCSW

Amy Horowitz, PhD, MSW

Daniel Kaplan, PhD, LICSW

Ruth Kershner, LMSW-C

Gavin Malcolm, LCSW

Maxwell Manning, PhD, LCSW

Judith Margolis, LCSW, MSW

Darby Morhardt, PhD, LCSW

Bonnie Petrie Craemer, LCSW

Laura Radensky, LCSW

Jane Roberts, PhD, MSW

Grisel Rodriguez-Morales, MSW, LCSW

Walter Rosenberg, MSW, LCSW

Jessica Rowe, LCSW-C

Nicole Ruggiano, PhD, MSW

Paul Sacco, PhD

David Saltman, LCSW, CSWS

Soo Shim, LCSW, MBA

Barbara Silverstone, PhD, LCSW

Marcia Spira, PhD, LCSW

Louise Starmann, MSW, LCSW

Walter Vega, MSW, LCSW

group of elders stretching