Chapter Activities for Racial Justice

Around the country, NASW chapters are organizing for racial justice.

Empathy-Driven Mindset: Combating Social Injustice Through Introspection and Compassion

NASW Maryland Chapter

Feb 22, 2021

Do you believe social injustice is linked to the way individuals think? Do you believe
the way people feel and behave towards others is a reflection of their mindset? History has shown that people exhibit behavior that is birthed from their way of thinking. Cognitive Behavioral Theory proposes that people's perceptions and thoughts about situations and people influences their emotional and behavioral reactions.


Addressing Oppression in Clinical Practice with Black Clients

NASW Maryland Chapter

Feb 19, 2021

The idea that a majority segment of our society has privilege and minority segments of our society are underprivileged, is a basic, yet uncomfortable premise in identifying as a Black person. This workshop will investigate the influence of oppression on shaping identity, expectations, and self-view of some Black clients.


Examining the Oppression of Black People Through a Political / Historical Lens

NASW Maryland Chapter

Feb 18, 2021

In his book, The Psychology of Oppression, E.J.R. David writes " is very likely that all of us have witnessed oppression, experienced oppression, inflicted oppression, felt the negative consequences of oppression, or all of the above." This live webinar looks at how certain segments of history can influence forms of oppression (stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination) and how oppression could show up in Black clients' interactions, relationships, and views.


Revolutionize Social Work Town Hall

NASW New York State Chapter

Jan 15, 2021

Being a social worker does not absolve you from being racist. Does this make you feel uncomfortable? Do you disagree? Are you feeling defensive? Let's lean into the discomfort together.⁠


Recommendations from Racial Justice Task Force Approved

NASW Illinois Chapter

Nov 18, 2020

The NASW-IL Board of Directors approved recommendations made by their Task Force on Racial Justice. The recommendations reflect three months of work, which included an application process that created a task force of 15 diverse well-informed members. A chapter-wide survey also informed many of the recommendations. The aim of the task force is to propose effective measures for reform and to increase accountability in policing.  


Health Care Social Workers Symposium

NASW New Jersey Chapter

Nov 13, 2020

Join us for an all-day program that takes a look at the intersection of racism, COVID-19, and health care. Topics will include:

  • Dismantling health disparities: Attacking causes healing effects
  • Implicit Bias and its Impact on Client Care During COVID-19
  • COVID-19 in Assisted Living Communities: Areas of Consideration


NASW Kentucky Chapter on Grand Jury Decision on Breonna Taylor Murder

NASW Kentucky Chapter

Sep 24, 2020

NASW-KY is deeply disappointed by a grand jury decision to bring no charges against three police officers in the death of Breonna Taylor. Instead, one officer was charged with wanton endangerment for shooting into a home next to Ms. Taylor's residence.


White Supremacy Culture at Work: Teaching Social Workers to Recognize and Disrupt

NASW Ohio Chapter

Sep 11, 2020

Based on the work of Tema Okun and others, this workshop will introduce social workers to the ways that white supremacy culture is embedded in our workplaces. Social workers must be able to recognize the ways that professional practices are modeled off of the norms of dominant white culture. We can then begin to challenge these institutionalized norms with alternative models that promote greater equity for people of all cultures and backgrounds.


Racial Justice Forum

NASW New York State Chapter

Sep 03, 2020

We know broader systemic change within the profession is not possible unless individual social workers, and we as a collective profession, do the work to confront, examine, and unlearn the racism we perpetuate. The Racial Justice Forum aims to provide a deeper understanding of social justice issues for participating social workers as well as knowledge about the clients we work with through open discussion in a safe forum. The Racial Justice Forum was created to promote change within ourselves and our communities, with the ultimate goal of making inclusiveness a habit practiced by the profession as a whole.

Register in advance.


2020 March on Washington

NASW Ohio Chapter

Aug 28, 2020

NASW Ohio is proud to support the efforts of a small group of organizers who are working to get a group of Ohioans to the 2020 March on Washington. The 2020 march will be August 28 and will recall the goals of the 1963 march including policing and justice demands. The group is organizing five buses and ninety hotel rooms to bring a total of 280 people to the march from Columbus while following COVID-19 precautions.


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protesters holding signs: white silence is violence and black lives matter

Protest in North Carolina (Photo from NASW-NC member Chris Budnick)


 Protest in Fairbanks, AK (Photo by NASW-AK member Leigh Bolin)

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