Chapter Activities for Racial Justice

Around the country, NASW chapters are organizing for racial justice.

Webinar: "Black Lives Matter: Social Work and the Future of Policing"

NASW Michigan Chapter

Jun 30, 2020

Policing in America is racially violent. Calls to “defund the police” have spawned initiatives to rethink and reimagine policing. Social workers have been engaged in efforts to create more equitable and effective systems for public service for years. This virtual congressional briefing will feature the work of social and criminal justice scholars and practitioners.


Video: "Queer and Black: Politics, Identities and Movement"

NASW New Jersey Chapter

Jun 30, 2020

This conversation discusses the history of LGBTQ pride including the 1966 Compton Cafeteria Riots, which preceded the well-known 1969 Stonewall Riots. Through the transgender community's activism around police brutality, the origins of pride began. Queer liberation and racial justice are still incorporated today's through the Black Lives Matter movement and rallies against police brutality and injustice.

Recorded June 30, 2020, and facilitated by Bianca Mayes, MPH, CHES of Garden State Equality and Jennifer Thompson, MSW Executive Director NASW-NJ


We Support a Inclusive Flag for Everyone

NASW Mississippi Chapter

Jun 29, 2020

NASW-MS strongly supports changing the state flag of Mississippi to move forward in the best interest of all Mississippians. Recent discussions surrounding systemic and structural racism, racially insensitive symbols, and figures in our society have continued to place a negative spotlight on the flag of Mississippi and its residents.


Georgia Governor Kemp Signs Hate Crimes Bill into Law

NASW Georgia Chapter

Jun 26, 2020

NASW-GA asked members to contact their legislators to support Hates Crime Bill H.B. 426. We authorized our lobbyists to stay vigilant in ensuring that NASW-GA’s support of the Hates Crime Bill reached the General Assembly.

Additionally, our chapter joined a coalition led by the Atlanta-Metro Chamber of Commerce in signing a statement urging Members of the General Assembly to support, approve and sign into law a comprehensive, specific and clear bill against hate crimes. The coalition’s actions played a significant role in placing pressure on Members of the General Assembly and Governor Kemp to pass a Hate Crimes Bill into law.


Video: "Race Through the Lens of Trauma"

NASW New Jersey Chapter

Jun 25, 2020

Join NASW-NJ's Executive Director, Jennifer Thompson, MSW, Dr. Tawanda Hubbard, LCSW, and Dr. Widian Nicola, LCSW, for a discussion regarding race and trauma. This discussion examines the systems that perpetuate intergenerational trauma related to racism.

This webinar is part of NASW-NJ's Race, Responsibility, and Reconciliation Series.

Recorded on June 25, 2020.


Race, Responsibility, and Reconciliation Series

NASW New Jersey Chapter

Jun 19, 2020

  • June 19: Discussing Issues of Race with Young Children
  • June 25: Race Through the Lens of Trauma
  • July 9: Summer Book Club Series: "How to Be an Anti-Racist"
  • July 15: Myths Surrounding Immigration & Undocumented Clients
  • July 21: Anti-racism in Social Work: Building Authentic Relationships and Institutional Change (2 CEs)


Video: "Discussing Issues of Race with Young Children"

NASW New Jersey Chapter

Jun 19, 2020

Watch a community conversation with Dr. La'Tesha Sampson, LCSW, and Jennifer Thompson, MSW.

Recorded on June 19, 2020.


NASW Ohio Statement on Proposals to Integrate Social Work with Current Policing

NASW Ohio Chapter

Jun 18, 2020

NASW Ohio is invigorated and inspired by the current shift in the United States to re-imagine community safety and policing as we know it. We recognize the many wins, both achieved and forthcoming, across the country that many of us never thought possible.


Take Action: Save Black Lives and Transform Public Safety

NASW Massachusetts Chapter

Jun 17, 2020

We’re eager to make meaningful progress toward racial justice. Help us by urging your legislators to advance An Act Relative to Saving Black Lives and Transforming Public Safety (SD.2968/HD.5128). This emergency bill, introduced by Senator Creem and Representative Miranda just last week, aims to reform Massachusetts’ policing practices by setting stricter standards and increasing accountability for law enforcement.


NASW Texas Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

NASW Texas Chapter

Jun 09, 2020

The NASW Texas Chapter stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We must all call out the racism embedded in our country and communities at the macro and micro level, and as we watch the protests across the country escalate, we cannot remain silent about the outcomes people of color face in America.


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protesters holding signs: white silence is violence and black lives matter

Protest in North Carolina (Photo from NASW-NC member Chris Budnick)


 June 2020 Protest in Fairbanks, AK (Photo by NASW-AK member Leigh Bolin)

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NASW is committed to ending racism through public education, social justice advocacy and professional training. We need your help to do this work.