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Post from Our Healing Vision counseling and consultations titled Addressing Barriers to Vaccine Uptake Among Immigrant/Refugee Communities in Pennsylvania written by Yusra Aziz LSW LCSW The US has endured the loss of approximately 1 million people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since late 2020, safe and effective vaccines to reduce the severity of COVID-19 and prevent other negative outcomes, such as health complications, have been widely available. As new variants of COVID develop and since protection offered by the intitial vaccine wants over time, the center for disease control and prevention

Linked in post by Yusra A Psychotherapist stating Good afternoon everyone! I hope you're savoring the last beautiful moments of summer. Question has anyone noticed the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases? Ever since the pandemic's onset, it has been important to address why immigrant and refugee communities are particularly vulnerable to contracting and spreading the virus. Unsurprisingly, the vaccine disparity among the population has overlapping factors with the existing vulnerabilities to the virus. In our roles as social workers, directly engaging with immigrant and refugee sub-populations, we encounter the complex issue of vaccine hesitancy. It's our ethical responsibility to empower individuals through education enabling them to make well-informaed decisions regarding their health. I've crafted a blog post that delves into the nuanced challenges confronted by immigrant and refugee communities, alongsit strategies for effective social workers support. For more information and resources to support my fellow social workers please take a momen t to look through NASW Connect to End COVID-19 initiative. It offers a collection of resources, webinars, and training opportunities that can guide us as we engage in these crucial conversation within the communities we work with

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Social workers support informed decision making about important healthcare choices, provide health information from credible sources, and address mental and behavioral health concerns arising as a result of this public health crisis.

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