In the News: Social Workers and the Coronavirus Pandemic

collage of social workers in different work environments, wearing protective face masks

Read media coverage related to social workers and COVID-19.

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A 96-Year-Old Veteran Was Near Death. Then He Met His Social Worker.
New York Times
The outlook for the patient assigned to Capt. Eric Dungan on May 1 was bleak: George Crouch, 96, seemed to have given up on life. His beloved wife had died of Covid-19, and Mr. Crouch was battling the illness in the hospital. He was refusing food and medical care. Capt. Eric Dungan, a social worker in the U.S. Army Reserves, was deployed to New York City to help hospitals counsel the sick during the coronavirus crisis.

Health experts worry "quarantine fatigue" could lead to more COVID cases
Detroit Lakes Online
“We're concerned that in some aspect, people are done with [social distancing],” said Michelle England, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker at Essentia Health-St. Mary’s. “They’ve decided that they’re not very concerned, which is concerning. What I’m seeing is that people may be letting their guards down, especially in public."

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