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“Messenger” Director Oren Moverman Answers Social Worker Questions About Career, Movie

Sixty-year-old social worker goes to Afghanistan to help troops

Children of Military Families

Need More Help from Schools

Army says it has improved sexual assault response
Coastal Courier 1/11/2010
And they would be screened by a social worker. “We do a mental status exam to make sure they're doing OK,” said Rose Mullice, chief of social work services ...

Thousands strain Fort Hood's mental health system
USA Today 8/23/2010
Chaplains provide marriage counseling, but for soldiers who want to see a licensed marriage counselor, the base's social work department has two, each with a caseload of 60 couples, says Lt. Col. Nancy Ruffin, department director.

Making Sure Children in Military Families Are Not Left Behind
The Huffington Post 4/14/2011
The men and women of our armed services deserve all the support they need to do their jobs. Making it easier for their children to navigate and achieve in public schools should be part of that support.

Dad gets college degree to help soldiers after his son dies in Iraq
KWCH 5/13/2011
What made sense was to go back to school full time and get a master's degree in social work. "The first month my brain almost exploded because I hadn't studied or read that much in a number of years."

Troops seek help for military sexual trauma
USA Today 5/15/2011
The problem is so large that the Phoenix VA Medical Center has hired a full-time social worker who does nothing but provide individual counseling and support groups for sexual trauma victims. Social worker Judith Orosz said anger, anxiety, depression and an inability to hold a job are typical among those who seek help.