NASW Foundation Board of Directors

Authorization and Accountability

The NASW Foundation (formerly the Social Workers' National Research & Education Fund) was created by an amended agreement in 2001 to perform the charitable, educational and scientific functions of the National Association of Social Workers. (Articles I and II) The agreement calls for a Foundation Board of Directors which shall have charge, control and management of the property, affairs and funds of the corporation consistent with the laws of the District of Columbia, Internal Revenue Service Code and the NASW Code of Ethics.


The NASW Foundation was created to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through the advancement of social work practice. The Foundation shall concentrate its efforts and resources on identifying, developing, and responding to social work policy and practice issues; assisting with rapid response to social crises; promoting and developing innovative social work practice models; raising the visibility of social work and enhancing public esteem for the profession; supporting the development of cutting edge continuing education that addresses critical issues; and promoting the appropriate application of new technology to the practice of social work. (Article II)

Time Frame

The period of duration of the Corporation shall be perpetual, subject to dissolution only upon approval and adoption by a vote of at least three-quarters of the Foundation Board of Directors, one of whom shall be the NASW President. (Article VIII, Section C)

Members, Terms and Criteria

The number of Foundation Directors shall be no more than nine (9) persons, seven of whom shall be voting Directors, two of whom shall be non-voting ex-officio Directors. In no case, shall the number of Directors be less than seven (7) and in all cases include the NASW President, the NASW President-Elect during his/her term and the NASW Executive Director. (Article IV, Section C)

The voting Foundation Directors shall include the current NASW President during his/her term in office, plus three (3) NASW members in good standing, and three (3) persons who come from professions other than social work. The non-voting Foundation Directors shall be the NASW Executive Director and the NASW President-Elect. (Article IV, Section D) The NASW Executive Director serves as the NASW Foundation President. (Article V, Section D)

Six (6) voting Foundation Board members shall be appointed by the NASW Executive Director subject to the approval of the NASW Executive Committee. Three (3) additional Foundation Board members shall serve by virtue of their position as NASW President, NASW President-Elect and NASW Executive Director. (Article IV, Section B)

The terms of office of the Foundation Board members shall be staggered and appointed for up to three (3) years. Foundation Board members may also be reappointed.

Specific Responsibilities

The NASW Foundation Board shall:

  1. Ensure that the Foundation operates within its adopted by-laws and defines Foundation purpose through mission and vision.
  2. Approve and monitor the Foundation's finances. Approve the annual budget, the annual financial audit and monitor foundation expenses.
  3. Assure that the Foundation has the critical capabilities needed to achieve its goals and objectives.
  4. Set conditions and standards for all development activity and engage in long range financial planning.
  5. Provide ongoing public relations to increase funding and general support opportunities.
  6. Render an annual report to the Board of Directors of the National Association of Social Workers, Inc.
  7. Complete all other business of the Foundation in the fulfillment of the Foundation's purposes.

Founded and incorporated in New York City by the NASW Board of Directors, 1957 Reincorporated in the District of Columbia, 1987

Amended by the Social Workers' National Research and Education Fund Board and the NASW Board of Directors, June 2001

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