The NASW Board consists of four officers, two members-at-large, 13 regional members and two student members (one at the baccalaureate and one at the master’s level). Members are elected by the membership.

National Committees

The Association’s national governance structure consists of over thirty committees. The NASW President appoints members to committee vacancies annually. Together with staff, this growing number of leaders (national and chapter), form a healthy partnership to carry out the Association’s mission and goals.

National Elections

The National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (NCNLI) develops a slate of candidates annually for the election of officers and members of the NASW Board and the NCNLI.


The NASW Bylaws are the written rules and regulations of the Association that provide a framework for our governance and operation.


The Modernization and Revitalization Initiative seeks to update NASW’s business practices and structure based on current technology and best practices, to position the Association for continued financial viability, and to better serve our members in the decades ahead. 

Modernization helps NASW Chapters increase their focus on local programs—including advocacy, professional development and member services—by transferring routine administrative responsibilities from the chapters to the national office.


Mildred C. Joyner, DPS, MSW, LCSW

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Interim Chief Executive Officer

Janlee Wong, MSW

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