NASW Executive Committee Charge

Authorization and Accountability [Article VII.A]

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall be responsible for the affairs of the association between meetings of the Board of Directors.

Purpose [Article VII.D]

During the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee shall have the powers of the Board of Directors within the general policies, program, budget, and specific directions established by the Board of Directors.

Meetings [Article VII.E]

The Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly or more often at the call of the President or on request of any four members of the Committee. Reasonable notice of time and place of each meeting shall be given to each member of the Committee.

Members, Terms and Criteria [Article VII.B and C]

The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers and the president-elect of the association and four additional members of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee shall be selected so as to reflect the ethnic minority distribution, gender distribution, sexual orientation distribution, and special interests of members of the association. Students shall also be considered.Members of the Executive Committee other than officers shall serve for terms of one year.

Bylaws as amended by the Delegate Assembly of August 1996