Code of Ethics Committees

National Ethics Committee

The National Ethics Committee (NEC) is responsible for educating NASW membership and the larger professional community about standards of ethical professional practice. The committee along with OEPR staff, oversees chapter professional review activity, develops policy and procedure for professional review, offers interpretations of procedures, and provides technical assistance and training. 

The NEC hears complaints that are designated as national cases against members who are alleged to have violated the Code of Ethics and is authorized to conduct adjudications and mediations with NASW members. The NEC hears appeals of chapter cases and oversees the development of ethics education training and programs. The NEC is composed of volunteer NASW social work members from across the United States.

Chapter Ethics Committee

The Chapter Ethics Committee (CEC) processes complaints of alleged violations of the NASW Code of Ethics, by chapter members. It is responsible for providing education and training to NASW members in coordination with the NEC and OEPR. The CEC is composed of volunteer NASW members from across the relevant state.