National Ethics Committee

Authorization and Accountability

The National Ethics Committee (NEC) is established by the NASW Bylaws.


The National Ethics Committee is responsible for educating NASW membership and the larger professional community to standards of ethical professional practices. The committee along with staff, oversees chapter professional review activity, develops policy and procedure, provides interpretations of procedures, and technical assistance and training. The committee hears complaints against members who are alleged to have violated the Code of Ethics; and is authorized to conduct adjudication of credentialed non-members. The committee oversees the development of ethics education training and programs.

Time Frame

The NEC shall be an on-going Bylaws mandated committee.

Members, Terms and Criteria

The NEC shall be comprised of 12 members, including a Chair or Co-Chairs appointed by the President. The past Chair will serve as an ex officio member. All members’ terms are 3 years and are staggered.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Oversees the mediation and adjudication program including conducting mediations and adjudication hearings.
  2. Appoints Consultants, Mediators, Hearing Panelists and NASW Representatives as appropriate.
  3. Acts on appeals.
  4. Oversees the Chapter Ethics Committees program plans.
  5. Provides, with staff, technical assistance for chapter staff, officers, CEC members and other volunteers.
  6. Develops and promulgates materials and adjudication guidelines.
  7. Develops appropriate procedures for Board approval and a fair reimbursement policy for chapters when adjudicating credentialed non-members.
  8. Promotes ethical professional practices.
  9. Communicates with internal and external organizational groups to educate and promote professional ethical practices.
  10. Recommends new or improved procedures to the NASW Board of Directors.

Questions about the National Ethics Committee?

Contact Andrea Murray, Director of Ethics and Professional Review, at