Ethical Standard of the Month, Pre-2018

These Ethical Standard of the Month articles are based on the pre-2018 version of the NASW Code of Ethics.

1.01 Commitment to Clients

Commitment to clients is appropriately the first standard in the Code of Ethics; it captures the essence of the social work profession’s mission and values while balancing this commitment with the contextual factors that inform social work practice.

2.01 Respect

Respect is an all-encompassing and foundational theme woven throughout the Code of Ethics, starting from the core value of Dignity and Worth of the Person and the related ethical principle: Social workers respect the inherent dignity and worth of the person.

6.02 Public Participation

The Code of Ethics states that social workers should facilitate informed participation by the public in shaping social policy. As facilitators, social workers should strive to be knowledgeable enough about the political process to educate the public about the exercise of their political power.

6.04 Social and Political Action

"One of the primary factors distinguishing social work from psychology, psychiatry, and the other mental health professions is its commitment to social justice." —Allan Edward Barsky