National Committee on Nominations & Leadership Identification (NCNLI)


Authorization and Accountability [Article IX]

The National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (NCNLI) is authorized by Article IX of the NASW Bylaws and is accountable to the Board of Directors.

Purpose [Article VIII B.2]

The duties of the National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification shall be:

  • To select at least two candidates for each position in the regular election of Association Officers- Board members and the National Committee on Nominations & Leadership Identification members as stated in the bylaws. The candidates shall be elected so as to reflect the ethnic minority distribution, gender distribution, students and special interests of membership. To work closely with chapters and staff to develop a leadership roster to be used by the President of the Association for committee and task force appointments, and to aid in the selection of candidates. To meet at least annually to select candidates. To certify completed ballots to the Secretary of the Association, who shall announce the candidates to the membership at least thirty days in advance of the election.
  • To receive nominations by petition: within thirty days following the announcement of the candidates for a regular election, petitions which have signatures of the number of members from electoral areas designated below, may be submitted in writing to the National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification. When nominations have been made by petition, the NCNLI shall re-certify the amended ballot to the Secretary of the Association [Article IX.B]

Members, Terms and Criteria [Article VIII B.1]

There shall be an elected National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification consisting of (13) thirteen persons, one elected within each electoral area, whose alternates shall be in each case the candidates receiving the second largest number of votes in each electoral region.The term of office of the NCNLI members shall be three years and a committee member shall not be eligible for reelection within one year of the expiration of his/her term on the committee.The NCNLI shall elect its own Chairperson by mail vote from among those serving in the last year of their terms.

Specific Responsibilities

The election process is monitored and studied in order to make recommendations to the Board of Directors and to keep chapters and members informed. The NCNLI will:

  • Develop guidelines for national leadership including campaign guidelines. Collect data and report on compliance with campaign guidelines. Collect and analyze data about campaign financing and make recommendations regarding limitations for campaign finance.
  • Review allegations of campaign violations and make recommendations for action to Board and staff.

Excerpts from NASW Bylaws as amended by the Delegate Assembly of August 1996

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