2020 PACE Endorsements

It's easier to spend a few months and some money electing the right people than to spend years and a lot of money trying to get the wrong people to do the right things.
— Senator Debbie Stabenow, MSW
First Name Last Name District State Name Website Status Chamber Party Result
Raul Grijalva AZ-03 Arizona www.standwithraul.com Incumbent House D
Gil Cisneros CA-39 California www.cisnerosforcongress.com Incumbent House D
Christy Smith CA-25 California https://www.christyforcongress.org Challenger House D
Chris Bubser CA-08 California www.ChrisBubser.com Candidate House D
Phil  Ehr FL-01 Florida www.ehrforcongress.com Challenger House D
Marie Newman IL-03 Illinois https://www.marienewmanforcongress.com Challenger House D
Gary Peters MI-Sen Michigan www.PetersforMichigan.com Incumbent Senate D
Kathy Ellis MO-08 Missouri www.ellisforcongress.com Challenger House D
Kate  Bolz NE-01 Nebraska https://katebolz.com Challenger House D
Kara Eastman NE-02 Nebraska https://www.eastmanforcongress.com Challenger House D
Ben Ray Lujan NM-Sen New Mexico https://benrlujan.com Challenger Senate D
Carolyn Maloney NY-12 New York https://www.carolynmaloney.com Incumbent House D
Deborah Ross NC-02 North Carolina https://deborahross.com Challenger House D
David Wilson Brown NC-05 North Carolina https://dwb4congress.com Challenger House D
Tim Ryan OH-13 Ohio www.timryanforcongress.com Incumbent House D
Susan Wild PA-07 Pennsylvania https://wildforcongress.com Incumbent House D
Cathy Kunkel WV-02 West Virginia www.kunkelforcongress.com Challenger House D

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