2022 PACE Endorsements

Find out which candidates Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) endorsed in the 2022 elections.

PACE endorses and contributes to candidates from any party who meet our endorsement criteria. The national PACE Board of Trustees endorses and contributes to federal candidates running for U.S. House and Senate seats. PACE can also contribute financially to the two major political parties through "donor councils" run by each party.

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NASW-PACE is reviewing election results and will be updating the results on an ongoing basis as they are finalized.

First Name Last Name District Website Status Chamber Party Result
Kirsten Engel AZ-06 https://www.engelforarizona.com/ Open Seat House D Loss
Raul Grijalva AZ-07 https://standwithraul.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Mark Kelly AZ-Sen https://markkelly.com/ Incumbent Senate D Win
Dr. Kermit Jones CA-03 https://www.kermitjonesforcongress.com Open Seat House D Loss
Josh Harder CA-09 https://harderforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Barbara Lee CA-12 https://barbaraleeforcongress.org/ Incumbent House D Win
Adam Gray CA-13 https://adamgrayforcongress.com/ Open Seat House D Loss
Julia Brownley CA-26 https://www.juliabrownley.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Sydney Kamlager CA-37 https://sydneykamlager.com/ Open Seat House D Win
Dr. Asif Mahmood CA-40 https://drasifmahmood.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Jay Chen CA-45 https://chenforcongress.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Scott Peters CA-50 https://scottpeters.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Diana DeGette C0-01 https://degette.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Jason Crow CO-06 https://jasoncrowforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Brittany Pettersen CO-07 https://brittanypettersen.com/ Open Seat House D Win
Dr. Yadira Caraveo CO-08 https://www.caraveoforcongress.com/ Open Seat House D Win
Michael Bennet CO-Sen https://michaelbennet.com/ Incumbent Senate D Win
Richard Blumenthal CT-Sen https://richardblumenthal.com/ Incumbent Senate D Win
John Larson CT-01 https://larsonforcongress.org/ Incumbent House D Win
Joe Courtney CT-02 https://joecourtney.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Rosa DeLauro CT-03 https://rosadelauro.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Jahana Hayes CT-05 https://jahanahayes.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Eric Lynn FL-13 https://ericlynnforcongress.com/ Open Seat House D Loss
Lois Frankel FL-22 https://loisfrankelforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Wade Herring GA-01 https://wadeherringforcongress.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Sanford Bishop GA-02 https://sanfordbishop.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Raphael Warnock GA-Sen https://warnockforgeorgia.com/ Incumbent Senate D Win
Christina Bohannan IA-01 https://bohannanforcongress.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Cindy Axne IA-03 https://cindyaxneforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Loss
Tammy Duckworth IL-Sen https://tammyduckworth.com/ Incumbent Senate D Win
Nikki Budzinski IL-13 https://nikkiforcongress.com/ Open Seat House D Win
Lauren Underwood IL-14 https://underwoodforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Eric Sorensen IL-17 https://ericforillinois.com/ Open Seat House D Win
Frank Mrvan IN-01 https://mrvanforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Andre Carson IN-07 https://andrecarson.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Rev. Mark Holland KS-Sen https://www.hollandforkansas.com/ Challenger Senate D Loss
Jimmy Ausbrooks KY-01 https://jimmy4ky.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Morgan McGarvey KY-03 https://morganmcgarvey.com/ Open Seat House D Win
Matthew Lehman KY-04 https://lehman4kentucky.org/ Challenger House D Loss
Charles Booker KY-Sen https://charlesbooker.org/ Challenger Senate D Loss
Chris Van Hollen MD-Sen https://vanhollen.org/ Incumbent Senate D Win
David Trone MD-06 http://davidtrone.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Jamie Raskin MD-08 https://jamieraskin.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Chellie Pingree ME-01 http://www.chelliepingree.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Jared Golden ME-02 https://jaredgoldenforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Hillary Scholten MI-03 https://hillaryscholten.com/ Open Seat House D Win
Elissa Slotkin MI-07 https://elissaforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Dan Kildee MI-08 https://www.dankildee.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Carl Marlinga MI-10 https://www.marlinga4congress.com/ Open Seat House D Loss
Debbie Dingell MI-12 https://debbiedingellforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Jeanne Hendricks MN-06 https://hendricks2022.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Cori Bush MO-01 https://coribush.org/ Incumbent House D Win
Trish Gunby MO-02 https://www.trishgunby.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Emanuel Cleaver MO-05 https://www.cleaverforcongress.com Incumbent House D Win
Trudy Busch Valentine MO-Sen https://www.trudybuschvalentine.com/ Open Seat Senate D Loss
Bennie Thompson MS-02 Incumbent House D Win
Deborah Ross NC-02 https://deborahross.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Kathy Manning NC-06 https://www.kathymanningfornc.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Wiley Nickel NC-13 https://www.wileynickelforcongress.com/ Open Seat House D Win
Jeff Jackson NC-14 https://www.jeffjacksonnc.com/ Open Seat House D Win
Cheri Beasley NC-Sen https://cheribeasley.com/ Open Seat Senate D Loss
Patty Pansing Brooks NE-01 https://pattyforcongress.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Tony Vargas NE-02 https://www.vargasfornebraska.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Maggie Hassan NH-Sen https://maggiehassan.com/ Incumbent Senate D Win
Ann McLane Kuster NH-02 https://kusterforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Andy Kim NJ-03 https://www.andykim.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Tom Malinowski NJ-07 https://malinowskifornj.com/ Incumbent House D Loss
Mikie Sherrill NJ-11 https://www.mikiesherrill.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Bonnie Watson Colemna NJ-12 https://www.bonnieforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Gabe Vasquez NM-02 https://gabeforcongress.com/ Challenger House D Win
Teresa Leger Fernandez NM-03 https://www.teresaforall.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Chuck Schumer NY-Sen https://chuckschumer.com/ Incumbent Senate D Win
Bridget Fleming NY-01 https://www.bridgetforcongress.com/ Open Seat House D Loss
Robert Zimmerman NY-03 https://zimmermanforcongress.com/ Open Seat House D Loss
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez NY-14 https://www.ocasiocortez.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Pat Ryan NY-18 https://www.patryanforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Josh Riley NY-19 https://joshrileyforcongress.com/ Open Seat House D Loss
Paul Tonko NY-20 https://paultonko.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Greg Landsman OH-01 http://www.landsmanforcongress.com/ Challenger House D Win
Emilia Sykes OH-13 https://emiliasykesforcongress.com Open Seat House D Win
Ron Wyden OR-Sen https://www.standtallforamerica.com/ Incumbent Senate D Win
Brian Fitzpatrick PA-01 https://www.brianfitzpatrick.com/ Incumbent House R Win
Brendan Boyle PA-02 https://voteboyle.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Dwight Evans PA-03 https://dwightevans.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Madeleine Dean PA-04 https://mad4pa.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Mary Gay Scanlon PA-05 https://www.scanlonforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Chrissy Houlahan PA-06 https://chrissyhoulahanforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Susan Wild PA-07 https://wildforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Matt Cartwright PA-08 https://cartwrightcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
John Fetterman PA-Sen https://johnfetterman.com/ Open Sseat Senate D Win
David Cicilline RI-01 https://cicilline.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Seth Magaziner RI-02 https://sethmagaziner.com/ Incumbent house D Win
Brian Bengs SD-Sen https://bengsforsenate.com/ Challenger Senate D Loss
Heidi Campbell TN-05 https://www.voteheidicampbell.com/ Open Seat House D Loss
Steve Cohen TN-09 http://cohenforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Iro Omere TX-04 https://www.omereforcongress.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Michelle Vallejo TX-15 https://michellefortx15.com/home/ Open Seat House D Loss
Sylvia Garcia TX-29 https://sylviaforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Jennifer Wexton VA-10 https://jenniferwexton.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Patty Murray WA-Sen https://pattymurray.com/ Incumbent Senate D Win
Suzan Delbene WA-01 https://delbeneforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Rick Larsen WA-02 https://www.ricklarsen.org/ Incumbent House D Win
Derek Kilmer WA-06 https://derekkilmer.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Pramila Jayapal WA-07 https://www.pramilaforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Dr. Kim Schrier WA-08 https://drkimschrier.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Adam Smith WA-09 https://electadamsmith.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Marilyn Strickland WA-10 https://stricklandforwashington.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Ann Roe WI-01 https://www.annroeforcongress.com/ Challenger House D Loss
Mark Pocan WI-02 https://pocanforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Brad Pfaff WI-03 https://bradpfaff.com/ Open Seat House D Loss
Gwen Moore WI-04 https://gwenmooreforcongress.com/ Incumbent House D Win
Mandela Barnes WI-Sen https://mandelabarnes.com/ Challenger Senate D Loss
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