Use Social Media

Does everyone in your social network know what you do as a professional social worker? What better time than Social Work Month to let everyone in your circle know how proud you are to be a social worker?

By helping change futures each day, social workers are shaping the course for America. The Social Work Month 2011 theme, “Social Workers Change Futures,” promotes the role of social workers as positive change agents who have the power to solve some of our nation’s most pressing challenges.

No matter what your practice area is, you chose a career that makes a big difference in other people’s lives. Every day, social workers just like you help people overcome adversity to achieve better futures.

Social Work Month Social Media Goals

  1. Get enough social workers tweeting on the same topic to create a trending topic for several days.
  2. Generate more than one million impressions for the Social Work Month theme on Facebook this year. More than 20,000 people already belong to the NASW Facebook page. Sign-up today and join the lively conversation!
  3. Increase the number of positive social work videos posted to the NASW Channel on YouTube to help elevate accurate information about the profession for “social worker” and “social work” searches on this wildly popular tool.

Ways To Participate

Throughout March, we’re encouraging social workers to tweet, text and post short messages and videos online that help explain what they do. The format is simple. Just complete one of the following sentences and post to Twitter (use the hashtag #swmonth) or Facebook, or create a short video clip:

  • Today, a social worker in (your town)…(what you did to change someone’s future)
  • Today, I helped someone in (your town)…(what you did to change someone’s future)