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Mark Wills
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Responding to the Third Wave of the Pandemic: Trauma and Addiction

NASW Rhode Island

Noon-1:30 p.m.

Social isolation, mask-hysteria, media re-traumatization, sociopolitical uncertainty all played a role on the persistent trauma during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in addiction due to self-medication during the height of the pandemic. Traditional addiction treatment has ignored the significant impact of trauma on personal recovery and subsequently people have continued to struggle as a result. With recent advances in understanding the impact of trauma, it is time for a change in the approach taken toward trauma and addiction.

This interactive and experiential presentation offers an overview of the impact of trauma on the recovery process from a social, biological, psychological, and spiritual perspective and will provide clinicians with skills to work people affected by trauma throughout their recovery, as well as, understanding the conceptual framework of trauma-informed practice. This CE program is part of an NASW-RI webinar series called “Healing from Collective Trauma Series.”

Approved for 1.5. CEUs

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