Social Emotional Learning: The Impact of Deindividuation on Prosocial Outcomes

Specialty Practice Sections Webinar

Cat McDonald 0 710

1- 2:30 pm ET

This webinar will present social workers with connections between the school-to-prison pipeline and three predictive markers (deindividuation, social emotional learning, emotional quotient/emotional intelligence). It will show how these three markers relate to the development of prosocial skills in early childhood through adulthood. Social workers can expect to gain a better understanding of the importance of advocating for policies and processes that ensure equitable outcomes for all individuals especially students.

Anyone Nervous About Human Extinction?

NASW North Dakota

Mark Wills 0 146
12 p.m.-1 p.m. Central

This presentation will briefly discuss extinction risks, then the presenter will describe components of a "survival justice" practice framework--"work that supports the growth of healthy, progressive, and interrelated natural and social conditions which ensure that all global life is protected from extinction and is able to thrive and interact productively for the good of Earth's entire ecosystem."

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