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Mark Wills
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Revolutionize the Profession Town Hall: Capitalism and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

NASW New York State

6-7:30 p.m.

The nonprofit industrial complex is a system of relationships between the state (various sectors of government), businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations that creates a power imbalance in favor of corporations and the state. This power imbalance perpetuates oppression of communities of color, poor individuals, people with disabilities, and other marginalized communities. This hierarchical structure created to generate wealth and power for those at the top, benefits the few in power without consideration for the good of the public. Those who hold the power in society show no interest in dismantling this imbalanced system of wealth and inequality. ⁠

How can social workers work with oppressed communities to create a more equitable system focused on uplifting all people? How do we ensure that we are not perpetuating oppression and follow the lead of the communities we serve?

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