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Mark Wills
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Intuition: The Inner Wisdom of Social Work Practice

NASW Maine

8:45 a.m.-Noon

Current research by Scott Miller and Mark Hubble suggests that there exist healing forces that transcend current medicalized approaches to provision of mental health and behavioral services. Utilizing didactics and exercises, The Inner Wisdom of Social Work Practice presents practical and corrective benefits of integrating intuitive insights into social work practice.

In this workshop participants will experience the way mini-ideas and images, emerging within the inner mental flow of provider and client, offer rich material for creative interventions that can elicit empathic resonance, reframe negative narratives, evoke adaptive realizations, shift focus from problems to solutions and result in effective and enduring psychosocial outcomes.

We will be considering intuition as an ego state, examining similarities of an intuitive approach with aspects of mindfulness and hypnosis. Special focus will be placed on intuitive wisdom as part of innovative linear schemas such as the “SOLVE Schema” and “Miss Bette’s” Simple Schema.

At the conclusion, participants will be able to:
  1. Identify at least one intuitive component of the SOLVE Schema, or of Miss Bette’s Simple Schema;
  2. Describe one phenomenon of an intuitive approach that is similar to a phenomenon of mindfulness; and
  3. Given an individual patient, utilize a mini idea in conjunction with material from the client’s story to reframe a negative self-cognition with a new idea or metaphor.
3 CEUs available

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