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Mark Wills
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From the Queer Lens: LGBTQIA+ Social Worker's Experience in the Profession

NASW New York State

6-7 p.m.

LGBTQIA+ social workers are in every area of social work and have been since the beginning of time. Through the Stonewall Rights, the passage of same-sex marriage, and more, social workers have been at the forefront. However, the social work profession has not been free of discrimination and harm to the queer community despite the values that we hold. Don’t believe us, come join us for this panel of a range of folks from the LGBTQIA+ community who also identify as social workers.

This Chapter Chat will give a platform to the community to share the way social work has or has not shown up for the Queer community when navigating the profession. Each panelist will discuss their identity and how it has shaped their experience in the profession as well as how they navigated these challenges. Attendees will be able to gain insight of experiences from the community as well as learn ways we can begin to make real change so the same principles we use for clients can be given to social workers. Join us to participate in a panel about how the social work profession can be better, do better, and move forward together in unity and advocacy.

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