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Mark Wills
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Ethical Considerations with LGBTQIA+ Clients


8:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Central

Working with LGBTQIA+ clients and their families requires practitioners to be aware of multiple ethical codes, cultural competency standards and clinical interventions. Practitioners address issues around homophobia, transphobia, gender discrimination, religious or spiritual beliefs and sexuality in themselves, society, and their clients.

This workshop will cover applicable codes and cultural competence standards, definitions of gender, gender identity, sex, and sexuality, language use considerations, transition stages, confidentiality boundaries and steps for resolving ethical dilemmas.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify specific ethical considerations with LGBTQIA+ clients;
  2. Understand the difference between sex, sexuality and gender;
  3. Learn the role of therapist’s own values in best practice;
  4. Understand the impact of institutional bias;
  5. Apply steps to successfully resolve ethical dilemmas;
  6. Identify particular confidentiality, informed consent and safety considerations; and
  7. Understand appropriate linguistic and cultural practices.
3 CEU available

Register for Ethical Considerations with LGBTQIA+ Clients at https://naswia.socialworkers.org/Events/Events-List-View/ArtMID/42670/ArticleID/2835/Ethical-Considerations-with-LGBTQIA-Clients.
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